DIA-COMPE ENE Thumb Shifter


DIA-COMPE ENE Thumb Shifter


Dia-Compe ENE thumb thifter for Rear / Right hand - (Non-Index).

  • Clamp : Aluminum CNC, Silver
  • Φ26.0mm standard diameter Φ23.8mm or Φ22.2mm with shims
  • Weight : 116g/pair complete
  • 8, 9, 10 Speed Compatible
  • Cable Adjuster
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The Dia-Compe ENE shifters are one of the best shifters of all time. They work with 5 to 9-speed cassettes and freewheels and most common dérailleurs. It can be installed on the stem or handlebar (Φ26.0mm standard diameter Φ23.8mm or Φ22.2mm with shims). They work very smoothly and give a retro look.