Knog Mini Niner


Knog Mini Niner


Super bright 9 LED USB rechargeable front light from Knog, Australia.

  • Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 14mm/ 18g 31 x 31 x 14mm/ 18g
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Light Output: Front 20 lumens
  • Modes: Steady high, steady low, strobe flash, fancy flash, eco flash
  • Run times: Front - Steady 2.5 hrs, Strobe 4hrs, Fading Flash 3.8 hrs, Lightning Flash 3.5 hours, Eco flash 11.5 hrs.
  • Run times: Rear - Steady 2.2 hrs, Strobe 3.5hrs, Fading Flash 3.2 hrs, Lightning Flash 4.5 hours, Eco flash 11 hrs. 
  • Charge: 4 - 5 hours (charge LED will turn green)
  • Visibility: 800m
  • Bike attachment: 2x removable FRONT light straps for bars 22-27mm / 27-32mm and 3x removable REAR light straps for posts 22-32mm+ and AERO POST COMPATIBLE
  • Straps : Replaceable straps for tool-less attachment
  • Twin pack option available
Front/ Rear:
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The Knog Mini Niner is a tiny but powerful urban commuter bike light that doubles as a reflector. Outputting 20 lumens of light at the front and 11 at the rear, this bright bike light ensures you are well seen not just to road riders ahead of you, but also those behind from up to 800 metres away thanks to it's nine LED construction. With a ample 90° beam, long battery life and 5 different light modes (2 constant & 3 flash), you’re guaranteed to be seen where you ride, all night long. In addition there are 1x front interchangeable straps so you can swap the lights between bikes with different sized handlebars.

About Knog:

Since 2003, Australian based brand Knog has been producing unique cycling accessories. Their team of creative designers and engineers have revolutionised the way we think about lights and locks with their innovative and aesthetically interesting products.