Makr Bottle Opener

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Makr Bottle Opener


Antique Brass Bottle opener by Makr made to blend in with keys

  • Dimensions: 0.8" × 2.25" × 0.08”
  • Material: Antique brass
  • Not to be made into a key
  • Made in USA


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A stylish and beautiful addition to any key chain, the Makr bottle opener is disguised as a key so you can pop open a beer wherever you happen to be. Made from brass in the USA, the bottle key will age gracefully.

About Makr:

Makr is an American based bag and accessory brand which designs beautiful, simplistic and functional items. Through stripping back the unnecessary elements Makr are able to produce a truly clean looking collection of accessories and lifestyle products, concentrating on how each item will be used by it's owner on a day to day basis. With the up-most emphasis on detailing within the design, each Makr product is constructed by hand, directing love, care and attention into the making of products that will stand the test of time.

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