Nitto Curved Handlebar

Nitto Curved Handlebar
Nitto Curved Handlebar
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Nitto Curved Handlebar


Curved promenade handlebar by Nitto, Japan.

  • Colour : Silver

  • Width : 450mm

  • Clamp Diameter: Ø25.4mm

  • Weight : 380g

  • Material : Alloy

  • Made in Japan

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This handlebar by Japanese brand Nitto creates an upright posture for the rider, reminiscent of the Dutch style, allowing the rider to cycle in a very relaxed manner. Most suited for an elegant and stately ride, we recommend this handlebar for the casual, inner city bike enthusiast who wishes to arrive at their destination without rush or force. Nitto makes the best, strongest, safest, and most beautiful handlebars and stems in the world.

This handlebar is able to be fitted to both our Bisou and CS model bikes.

About Nitto:

Nitto was founded in Tokyo on February 11, 1923. Over the past 80 years, the company has received several awards from Japanese ministries, namely the Japanese Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Labor. Nitto's handlebars, handlebar stems and seat pillars for track races are certified for use in official Japanese keirin races.