Palomino Blackwing Pencils 3 Pack

Palomino Blackwing Pencils 3 Pack
Palomino Blackwing Pencils 3 Pack
Palomino Blackwing Pencils 3 Pack
Palomino Blackwing Pencils 3 Pack

Palomino Blackwing Pencils 3 Pack


A boxed set of 3 premium pencils made from the finest materials in the world.

  • Each pack contains: Blackwing (suited to drawing, similar to 4B), Blackwing Pearl (suited to both drawing and writing, similar to 3B), Blackwing 602 (suited to writing, similar to B)

  • Dimensions: L20.5 x Ø0.75cm

  • Materials: Californian cedar, Japanese graphite

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Palomino Blackwing marks a dark black line of unmistakable quality. Known as the world’s best pencil, Palomino Blackwings are made from Californian incense cedar which gives them a mild, pleasant fragrance. The cores are made in Japan to a formulation that is incredibly smooth and velvety, yet keeps a good point. It is sleek and elegant in design with a beautiful gold ferrule and rectangular eraser. 

Blackwing is the softest and darkest, similar to a 4B and especially good for art. Unlike some soft pencils, Blackwings do not crumble with use. They are very consistent and sharpen to a fine point. They feature a matte black finish with a gold ferrule and white eraser.

Blackwing Pearl is slightly harder than the regular Blackwing, similar to a 3B. It is preferred by those who enjoy smooth pencils but don’t want to sharpen them as often. Its balance of darkness and hardness also makes it great for those who want to use the same pencil to write and draw with. The Blackwing Pearl has a fittingly pearlescent white finish with a gold ferrule and black eraser.

Blackwing 602 is the modern reincarnation of the famous Eberhard-Faber Blackwing 602. The special-formula graphite lead behaves like a B lead but varies in appearance according to pressure - from HB (firm) lead to 4B (soft) lead. It has a precise point with good point retention and makes a dark grey line. The Blackwing 602 has a grey finish with a gold ferrule and black eraser.



About Palomino Blackwing:

First created in the 1930’s, Blackwing built a cult following that included John Steinbeck, Chuck Jones and Frank Lloyd Wright among others. The Blackwing Pencil was made by Eberhard-Faber up until the 1980s and had become the favoured tool of many artists and writers. 

After the company discontinued production, demand continued unabated with devotees paying high prices. In 2010 the Blackwing series were brought back to life by Palomino and are considered to be better than ever.