The Superior Labor Brass Key Holder

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The Superior Labor Brass Key Holder


Solid Brass Key Chain Ring to securely hold your keys handcrafted in Japan

  • Material: Solid brass
  • Dimensions: W2cm x L8.3cm
  • Handcrafted in Japan
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If you are the type of person who wants every facet of your life to be organised and beautiful, then the Superior Labor Brass Key Chain Ring might be the perfect accessory for you. A simple pinch and pull of the circle opens the clasp, but the strong brass will keep your keys securely in place. The brass fastening plate is beautifully engraved with the Superior Labor signature logo. 


About The Superior Labor:

The Superior Labor was  founded in 2007 by a self-educated artisan, Makoto Kawai, who started to tan leather before opening his own laboratory in Okayama, a city famous for denim production. In a period of mass production and low-cost workforce, The Superior Labor goes against the tide and focuses on craftsmanship and in-house production.

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