Knog Oi Luxe Bell
Knog Oi Luxe Bell Silver
Knog Oi Luxe Bell Brass
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Knog Oi Luxe Bell Silver

Knog Oi Luxe Bell

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Minimalist design at its best, the Oi Luxe Bell is a beautiful example of 'form follows function' with a touch of luxe. With a brass dinger, stitched vegan leather shim, metal injection moulded stainless steel and CNC machined components, this edition is a step up from the standard Oi Bell and a pleasure to have on your handlebars.

The bell is designed to hover around the handlebar to appear as though it is part of the bike itself. Like an instrument, it has been tuned to have the perfect pitch, and the brass dinger ensures the strike of the bell is firm and fast, allowing a beautiful balance of volume and longevity of sound.

If you are unsure if the bell will fit your handlebar, take a look at how to measure your handlebar guide and how to mount the Oi to your handlebar.

Colours: Silver, Brass, Black

Size: Small (fits Ø22.2mm handlebars)