Selle Anatomica Leather Saddle (White)

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Selle Anatomica Leather Saddle (White)

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World's most comfortable leather bicycle saddles

  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: L 29 x W 17 x H 6 cm / 480 grams
  • Weight Limit: 112kg
  • Material: Full grain leather top with dual reinforcing laminate layers. Frame made of molded sheet metal steel and rails made from 4130 chomoly steel rod
  • Made in USA
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Selle Anatomica makes extremely comfortable leather bicycle saddles carved out of premium American leather. The specific shape of their patented slot's inverted rear wings allows the saddle to move with you. It reduces perineal pressure, sit bone pain, and saddle sores. This saddle has no break in period. It feels good from day one. In X Series, a soft full grain leather top is supported by a thick stiffer laminate layers and 4130 chromoly rails. The thick support layer helps increase the longevity of the saddle and provide the right amount of elasticity under your sit bones. This is the saddle for cyclists who ride normal to high kilometres (more than 80km/week).

Selle Anatomica saddles have a 44mm distance between the rails on either side. They are made to fit most bikes which include our Bisou, Classic Sport, Sport, Single Speed and Mini Velo tokyobike models.

About Selle Anatomica:

Selle Anatomica was founded in 2006 by ultra-cyclist Tom Milton when he developed a supple leather saddle with a unique slot shape.  The combination of the more supple leather and the slot eliminated pressure on the sit bones and peroneal nerve, and allowed each side of the body to move independently while cycling. After passing away in 2010, Tom’s family took over the business.