Adjusting the saddle height

To keep your little rider happy, it is important to set the correct saddle height for your child. This is easily done and will only require a one 5mm Allen/hex key seen in the picture below (5mm hex keys can be purchased from most well stocked hardware stores).


You will want to have the saddle set to a height so that while your child is seated and pedaling, they have a slight bend in their knee when one pedal is close to the floor. If their knee is completely straight (or locked out) when the pedal is close to the floor it is a good indication that their seat may be set too high for them. On the other, if their knee appears to be very bent, this is sign that the saddle may be too low.
Using the 5mm Allen Key loosen the seat bolt on the right hand side of the bike and raise or lower the saddle until you reach the right position for your child’s height. The image above is of a Little Tokyobike’s right hand side. The seat adjustment bolt can be seen where the seat post enters the bike frame.
This may take a few attempts to get right, but once done your Little Tokyobike will be set up and ready to roll!


Removing training wheels

When it is time to remove the training wheels from your child’s Little Tokyobike, we suggest this simple step-by-step guide of how to remove them.

The tool needed to remove the training wheels from the Little Tokyobike is a 15mm spanner.
The first step is to remove the rear bolts which are used to retain the rear wheel in the frame. Once these are removed you can then take the training wheels off the bike. With your original purchase you will have received two domed shaped nuts that you will then use to securely fit the main wheel back onto the bike instead of the nuts which held the training wheel in place.

We have a kickstand available for Little Tokyobike as an option to keep the bike stable and upright for easy parking.

If you have any questions please contact us, we are happy to assist you.