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Knog Oi Classic Bell

Knog Oi Classic Bell

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The bike bell that doesn't look like a bike bell! The Oi Bell's discreet design originates from its home - the handlebar. Knog's design team explored hundreds of iterations in designing the style, then tested and prototyped different widths, depths, materials, curvature, actuators, springs and more to get to the optimum design. The Oi Bell is designed to hover around the handlebar to appear as though it is part of the bike itself. Like an instrument, the spring loaded bell has several pitch tones playing a beautiful gentle chord.

If you are unsure if the bell will fit your handlebar, take a look at how to measure your handlebar guide and how to mount the Oi to your handlebar. An additional thin spacer is provided with all Oi Bells for easy installation on tokoybike handlebars.

Sizes: Small (Ø22.2mm handlebars), Large (Ø23.8 - Ø31.8mm handlebars)