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Deep Basket

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Carries everything from your groceries to work or beach gear, and more. The simple stainless steel basket is lightweight and built to last — a great alternative to wicker.

Designed in Japan.

FRONT: Carrier included. Suitable for Bisou, Classic Sport, Mono and Mono II models with the exception of Small/47cm in Classic Sport and Mono. Installation by a professional bike mechanic is recommended as the front brake caliper must be removed when fitting.

REAR: Separate carrier required. Mounting plates are not included (clear zip ties are a good option). The basket is best suited to carriers that provide a flat mounting surface.



Brushed stainless steel

L36 x W24 x H20cm


Installation by a professional bike mechanic is recommended.

Placing a heavy load in any front basket may affect your steering. We recommend placing heavy loads on the back of the bike.