Dear tokyobike customers and friends in Sydney,

With the warmest thanks to you, our tokyobike customers, we want to tell you that our Sydney store has moved out of the Paramount House in February, 2015 to make way for a new hotel project on the site. From now on tokyobike will be operating from one location at our flagship store in Melbourne.

This is not “Sayonara" (goodbye), this is “Arigato" (Thank you) and “Matane" (see you later). tokyobike will continue our normal operation in Melbourne so you can always order your accessories or bikes from us. Our Melbourne store will be happy to assist you and arrange shipping for you. 

If you were a tokyobike owner and thinking of having any of our unique accessories attached to your bike or any tokyobike parts for your bike in the future,  you can contact us and we are happy to send them your way, to bring to your local bike mechanic for attachment or a service. 

For any of you who might have been waiting for the right time to get a tokyobike for yourself in Sydney, you can contact us so that we can assist you with the order. You can follow the easy steps to make your order.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all our amazing tokyobike customers who have visited us and taught us so much over the last five years. We have had the greatest appreciation for your warm support on this beautiful journey in Sydney.

There will be many exciting tokyobike projects to come so we hope you will stay in touch with us.

A huge Arigato, once again, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

All our best for the future,

Kind regards,

The tokyobike team