Our warranty

Tokyobike stands behind the bicycles it sells. We offer a 12-month guarantee on all frames and forks.
Tokyobike recommends that all bicycles purchased should be maintained by a professional mechanic.
It is recommended all bikes are serviced at least once a year. 

Colours and Rust

Some colours by the nature of their composition will fade if left outdoors.
To avoid fading and rust, tokyobike recommends that all bicycles are kept under cover, out of the rain and sunlight when not in use.
We also advise that red and fluorescent colors have a tendency to fade faster than other colors. 

For your safe ride

Regular maintenance is highly recommended.
1. Tyre pressure — Please check the tyre pressure at least once a week and have the tyres pumped to the recommended level.
2. Please keep your tokyobike indoors or under cover to avoid color–fade and rust as much as possible.
3. Gear — Please use the highest and lowest gear only when needed.
4. Quick release — TOKYOBIKE CS, BISOU and SPORT features quick release axles; please ensure they are firmly tightened.
5. In the case that servicing is required, we strongly recommend that the procedure should be preformed by a professional bicycle mechanic.
6. tokyobike bicycles use 650c / 26in size tyres and inner tubes. 
If your local bike shop can not provide the parts you need for your tokyobike, we are always ready to assist you. Please contact us for further details.